About Us..

“A Full Fledged Dancing Institute Capable Of Competing With Any Institute Of Reputation In This Arena Established With Sole Motto For Giving Platform
For Aspiring Buds In The Field Of Dance And To Reveal Their Talent To Such An Extent That They Can Swim At Any Given Point To Time In Open Sky…”

About Us..

About Nrityangan

Mrs. Mausam Sharma is the founder of Nrityangan Academy in Patna (Bihar). The philosophy behind the creation of Nrityangan was to break down the elitist barriers surrounding dance, making it available to everyone, from the absolute beginner to the advanced and professional dancers. The vision is to take dance in India to a new level and create the best international level versatile dancers by experimenting with techniques and collaborating with passionate students.
These few years of extraordinary growth is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that provides a fertile training grounds for dancers and place for teachers/choreographers to present new and original works. Our innovative curriculum embraces traditional to emerging styles, inspiring dancers to strive for both technical excellence and meaningful artistry. Many of the classes offered are geared towards working dancers, previously trained dancers or those who have the desire to learn dance in an accelerated learning environment. Others are structured to accommodate children and adult beginners.

About the Founder


It was a dream, which took some years to realize. An ardent believer in hard work, creativity and ‘never say die’ passion, Mrs. Mausam Sharma founded a prestigious dance academy and called it Nrityangan. It was her dream since she started teaching dance at her house, to set up her own institute and impart /share her knowledge and talent with other interested budding dancers. It was her pure dedication towards her dance and the lord of dance, that she alone managed to come so far.
Nrityangan Academy was founded with the solemn objective of inculcating the spirit of rich culture and heritage of India into the young minds through dance forms. In the ocean of talent, creativity and aesthetics, it is a small step taken by Mrs. Mausam Sharma towards the preservation of the values that personifies classical, semi classical and folk dance forms. She started with a modest number of 5 students, building it up to 200 at present and still counting. With monetary gains not being the goal, the big idea remains to nurture and sculpt the serious students into understanding the deeper philosophy behind these dance forms.

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